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It tis Silvia!... Please note that her hair is not red, nor are her eyes.
Role: She's the main character! What more is there
to say? You follow her around along the story.

Name: Silvia Gray
Age: 15 [Birth of date: June 25]
Height: 5'3" [160 cm]
Breed/Bloodtype: Grey Wolf O+
Residence: Canis Oak [Outside of Redwood Village]
Personallity: She often has mood swings and never acts one certain way making it
somewhat difficult to understand her position. However, she is generally
nice and likes to have fun with everyone. She claims that to make life more
interesting you have to start with yourself.
Specific Physical Traits: Her hair was recently cut above the shoulder
and her eyes are slightly slanted to give a more "wolf look".
The fact is her hair is actually very curly and black.
Her eyes look black but shine brown.
Fun Fact: She has an inner fear of cats even though her closest friend is a cat.
She just hides it to be polite.

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